Connie Yung, P. Eng.


Programming expert specialize in network interfacing and application programming.


Senior Software Engineer with 14 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of communications embedded systems.


Operating Systems:

Unix, Linux, LynxOS, AS/400, DOS, Win95/Win98/Win2000, NT

Programming Languages:

C/C++, Assembler in Intel, Z80, Motorola, FORTRAN, PL/1, Pascal, Modular 2

Application Tools:

Visual C++, Code View, Code Write, Brief, Vi, LanWatch, SerialView, Logic Analyzer, Spider, Twinax

Embedded Systems:

AS/400 Controller, RAS


TCP/IP, PPP, DHCP, SNTP, HTTP, RSVP, NFS, SNA, IPX, Netbios and many more


Perle System Limited Inc., Markham, Ontario 1987 – 2001

Assimilated Cisco Router on Linux OS - October 2001

Investigated on Cisco router’s commands and functionality. Designed and implemented on Linux system. Worked on tasks included PPP, NAT/PAT, QOS (quality of service). Completed tasks included DHCP server and relay, DHCP client and proxy, Radius client, SNTP client, HTTP server and Local Database.

NFS on AS/400 workstation

Studied the feasibility of adding NFS (Network file system) support on Perle 594 controller for all the network station connected.

TCP/IP connectivity in PC utility (configuration for Perle 594 Controller) - September 2000

Added VSL (Virtual Sockets Library) TCP/IP connectivity code to make possible remote access PC configuration for Perle 594 controller. Converted DOS base software to install and run in Win95/98 and WinNT environment and support 6 different international languages. Resolved known memory problem by optimized the code and added in more new PPP configuration functionality and for the future VPN (virtual private network) expansion.

NCG (Non-conformance Group) - September 1999

Resolved several difficult 833IS and 833AS customer problems. Worked on product that had no previous experiences before with whole new debugging tool, new platform and new setup including BRI line and ISDN phone system, Radius, CHAP and PAP security protocol. Able to multi-task among several customers and problems while supported and assisted the traveler in many instances.

Euro symbol and Host Roaming

Supported new Euro keyboard that connected to the console.

TWXBRIF for 594 (IP over Twinax)

Reversed engineering on AS/400 and designed a way to assign IP address for the remote user. Added DHCP proxy server code to get IP address from a DHCP server including modification of some field parameters to support multiple requests.

Dial out over IP - September 1998

Used visual C++ to write real time application for dial out client on PC and embedded 833 Server code to support all dial-out messages sent to and from client and server through IP LAN connection. Tested and debugged the whole system included codes that were written on PC by others, which interface with the application. Completed tasks with no prior design and development experience with tight deadline while overcoming many obstacles such as sending real time fax file to serial port through IP stack.

DHCP (Dynamic host configuration protocol) – September 1997

Added DHCP in to IP stack so that dial in client can connect with IP address given by the DHCP server.

Static route on IP and IPX

Added static route table to support IP and IPX stack to do static route instead of using ARP and RIP table.

Netbios support

Tested new Netbios stack to work with the supporting standard. Learnt new technologies quickly to support required tasks. Made transition from midrange emulation group to PERLE 833 Communication group very easily. Included learning the remote access technology, new development system, and some new communication concepts.

Bi-directional support – September 1996

Investigated and completed all the functionality with working screens that would do all the flips and flops for ASD (auto shift dialect). Finished the assignment ahead of schedule.

AS/400 workstation function support – September 1995

Added application enhancement included:

Extended foreground colour

NWS concurrent diagnostic

56 NWS compatible

Calculator export

Optimized clear screen

Given a general set of functional requirements and turned them into the necessary design and code implementation.

ASCII card driver enhancement – September 1994

Low level assembly ASCII driver, communicate directly to firmware to drive the chip to send and receive and do auto-detection of the terminal speed. Code is written so that it could run with the maximum performance. Researched using the hardware technical manuals with support from the hardware group in order that the project met the set out requirements.


AS/400 controller configuration and enhancement – September 1993

Rescued an overdue configuration project. Debug skills were used extensively to correct non-conformances in the existing code. Did all the assigned tasks ahead of time plus additional tasks. The sole person to develop and modify all the codes in the configuration mode comparing to 10 ~ 12 person modified the code in the run mode. Used 64K page swapping technique to run code in the most space efficiency way. Developed screen and field logic saved in configuration file Code written in C and Z80 assembly.

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) Application Interface Module – September 1991

Supported different protocols to interface with different ATM.


Sale support,

Customer Installation,

On site customer training,

Team leader,

Occasion acting manager,

Modem non-conformance corrective action team member 1994-1995.

Fixed three non-conformances with award of $500 each in spare time.


University of Windsor 1983 – 1987

Windsor, Ontario

Bachelor of Applied Science

Electrical Engineering

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Continue Education:

Professional Engineer Law and Ethic 1990

C++ 1995

Centennial College

Toronto, Ontario

Continue Education:

Visual C++ 1997


Perle Quality Achievement Awards – 1995


Professional Engineer Ontario (PEO)


Health and Safety committee member for Perle

Organized company lunch


Available upon request